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2013Innocent Eye: A Passionate Look at Contemporary Art, by Patricia Rosoff, Tupelo Press, MA, 2013, pg. 31, The Critical Problem of Holocaust Art.
2011Convergent Conversations: Contemporary Art in Asian America, by Margo Machida, Chapter 11, pg. 285, in A Companion to Asian Art and Architecture, Edited by Rebecca M. Brown and Deborah S. Hutton, Blackwell Publishing, 2011
2001Legacies of the Comfort Women of World War II, edited by: Margaret D. Stetz and Bonnie B.C. OH, Chapter 13, "Unsuspecting Souls", by Jill Medvedow
1996Bamboo Echoes: a new work by Mona Higuchi dedicated to the Comfort Women, organized by Jill Medvedow, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum